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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Thought for Today-702: Buddha

Never be controlled by these three things:

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Useful Infographics-3: 16 Government Types

16 Government Types
The Way Governments Work

Grateful thanks to www.wordpandit.com  and Pinterest.

Websites to Watch-14: Instructables - How to make anything

Instructables - How to make anything

Instructables provides instructions to help you build just about anything you can imagine. It provides a platform for people to explore, document, and share their creations.

Videos to Watch-10: Modern Life & Spirituality by Padma Bhushan Dr. B M Hegde

Modern Life & Spirituality by Padma Bhushan Dr. B M Hegde at Nagpur

Grateful thanks to Mr.Sachin Dhawad and YouTube.

In Lighter Vein-10: Welding and Wedding

What is the technical difference between welding and wedding?

Not much; both are joints, in a way. In welding there are sparks first and bonding forever; whereas in wedding there is bonding first and sparks forever.

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Q&A-10: Not getting wet in a pouring rain...

How could a man go outside in the pouring rain without protection, and not have a hair on his head get wet?

He could, if he is bald.

Eyecatchers-200: New system can help machines think like humans

New system can help machines think like humans

Scientists have developed a new type of neural network chip that can dramatically improve the efficiency of teaching machines to think like humans. The network, called a reservoir computing system, could predict words before they are said during conversation, and help predict future outcomes based on the present.

Reservoir computing systems, which improve on a typical neural network’s capacity and reduce the required training time, have been created in the past with larger optical components. Researchers from University of Michigan in the US created their system using memristors, which require less space and can be integrated more easily into existing silicon-based electronics.

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Grateful thanks to The India Express.

Facts and Figures-98: Full-body Scanners

A full-body scanner is a device that detects objects on a person's body for security screening purposes, without physically removing clothes or making physical contact. Depending on the technology used, the operator may see an alternate-wavelength image of the person's naked body, or merely a cartoon-like representation of the person with an indicator showing where any suspicious items were detected. For privacy and security reasons, the display is generally not visible to other passengers, and in some cases is located in a separate room where the operator cannot see the face of the person being screened. Unlike metal detectors, full-body scanners can detect non-metal objects, which became an increasing concern after various airliner bombing attempts in the 20002.

Starting in 2007, full-body scanners started supplementing metal detectors at airports and train stations in many countries.
Excerpt from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia

India Watch-136:Kumbh Mela gathering visible from space

Kumbh Mela gathering visible from space

The 2011 Kumbh Mela was the largest gathering of people with over 75 million pilgrims. The gathering was so huge that the crowd was visible from space.

Courtesy: https://spaceflightnow.com/news/n0101/26ikonos/

Self-Improvement-171: What to do ...

Ego – Kill it
Love – Value it
Smile – Keep it
Gossip – Ignore it
Success – Achieve it
Jealousy – Distance it
Knowledge – Acquire it

Confidence – Trust it